Watch Porch Pirate Panic After Getaway Car Gets Stuck in Driveway

“Want me to get you a shovel?”

2021 is only a few days old, but we have an early contender for most embarrassing video of the year.

A Canadian porch pirate caught red-handed didn’t make it very far in his getaway vehicle after stranding himself on a pile of snow — right in front of his victims.

The cringeworthy video shows the moment the homeowner opens his front door in Mississauga, Ontario to catch the man right in the act of stealing a package.

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“It’s done. You’re done,” the homeowner shouts after him as he sprints down the driveway into his waiting car, which he had cheekily parked on the property.

Giving a sheepish ” So sorry!” he jumps into the driver’s seat, throws the car into reverse and makes a hasty retreat — or so he wished.

The Toyota Yaris backs over an embankment of snow that had been cleared from the driveway… and there it stays.

The pirate revs and revs the tiny front-wheel drive, but try as he might, the getaway car is going nowhere.

“Cops is coming,” the homeowner shouts after him. “Quick call the police now,” he tells his wife.

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But she doesn’t have to be quick at all.

The would-be pirate jumps out of the car and repeatedly attempts to dig the car free, as the family watch his pathetic attempts to flee the scene drag on.

As he runs to and from the front wheels and the steering wheel, the homeowner even begins to feel sorry for the hapless thief, even jokingly offering him a shovel.

But the wheels just keep fruitlessly spinning, and the engine just keeps fruitlessly revving, the full videos show.

“It’s front wheel drive… you need to get the wheels on the ground,” the man even advises him, now sounding like he genuinely pities him.

In the end, his heist is ultimately unsuccessful. The video shows the police eventually turning up and dragging him out of the car — which never made it off the embankment.

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