Watch Nikki Bella Ask Artem Chigvintsev to Move in With Her!

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are taking their relationship to the next level in Thursday’s Total Bellas season premiere!

In this exclusive sneak peek, the WWE star asks her now-fiancé to move in with her once the house she’s building is completed. 

“Our plan is that when I move to Arizona, well, I was hoping that maybe once it’s done being built, Artem will be coming with me,” Nikki says while filming The Bellas Podcast alongside both Artem and her twin sister Brie Bella.

When Artem asks if that’s an “official invite” to live with her, Nikki says yes. 

“I couldn’t imagine bedtime without you!” she tells him.

Artem then gives Nikki a kiss and delivers some good news. “Yes! The answer is yes!” he says.

Brie—who lives next door to Nikki’s home-to-be—smiles throughout the exchange, but doesn’t seem very enthusiastic.

“I feel bad for Artem. But it’s not like he’s a lost puppy who needs rescuing. He’s a grown man,” Brie says in a confessional interview. “And right now, this is my sister going from zero to 100 within, like, one week.”

But it turns out Brie is happy for her sister after all.

“I’ve always wanted my sister to just have a place she can call her own,” Brie adds. “Not that I don’t want her to share it with Artem, but I want her to feel it for herself. And feel like, ‘This is mine.'”

After Artem and Nikki make their plans official, they head over to the house with Brie for a quick tour. 

Watch the entire adorable moment (and get a glimpse of the couple’s future home!) in the clip above.

Total Bellas returns Thursday, Apr. 2 at 9 p.m., only on E!

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