Watch Furious DoorDasher Take Customer's Food Back Over $8 Tip

“I think you need to adjust your tip.”

A DoorDash driver dashed from a customer’s door — with his food — because he only gave her an $8 tip.

The bizarre interaction was captured on a Ring doorbell cam in New York back in August, but was only posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

It shows the indignant driver confronting a Long Island customer over his apparent stinginess after she drove his order 40 minutes from Commack to Smithtown; the customer meanwhile is utterly confused as to why she’s complaining about not being tipped enough for taking 40 minutes to make a journey that should have taken a quarter of that time.

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When the furious driver buzzes his doorbell, he instructs her to just leave the food there — but she insists on delivering him a piece of her mind, too.

“I need to speak to you, I don’t think you realize where they’re coming from, so I need to speak to you,” she snorts.

“I don’t think you realize the distance that it’s coming from because then you would never actually have given what you gave… so I think you can come and see me face to face.”

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“‘Cause I drove 40 minutes, I drove 40 minutes,” she continues, “and I got it to you early, so I don’t think you realize where you got it from.”

Still confounded, the customer isn’t quite sure what she’s getting at, so she presses on.

“Do you realize how far it is? Do you realize you ordered from Commack and you’re in Smithtown?”

Incidentally, Google Maps says you get from Commack to Smithtown in 12 minutes via the NY-25 — and the customer points this out to her.

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“That’s a 15, 20 minute drive” he tells her.

“It’s not! you need to try to drive it, I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes,” she insists. “It’s 12-and-a-half miles.”

Humoring her, the customer then asks why she accepted the job, if she thought the distance was too far.

“They don’t let us know how far. So I think you need to adjust your tip. To make it right.”

(DoorDash, as it happens, does inform drivers how far a delivery is before they accept.)

Humoring her further, the customer asks her how much the tip was — and she replies” You gave an $8 tip.”

“What the hell are you looking for?!” he laughs. “I gave an $8 tip!”

“Okay, I’m gonna bring the food back,” she threatens.

“Is she f–king kidding?” a friend of the customer’s can be heard asking.

No, it turns out, she’s not. She bends to pick up the order before she disappears down the driveway.

A spokesperson for DoorDash said the company was not aware of the incident.

While the non-delivery seems to have occurred over the summer, it may be only surfacing now in the wake of the recent CVS manager Vs DoorDash driver incident, in which the latter confronted the former at work over claiming not to have received food, when in fact she did.

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