Watch Eddie Hall lift TWO other weightlifters as World's Strongest Man shows off frightening strength on Instagram

EDDIE HALL once again showed off his superhuman strength as he lifted TWO other weightlifters.

The former World's Strongest Man winner has been known to lift cars and pull planes with his bare hands

And the 32-year-old stepped things up a gear as he used two other gym goers as makeshift weights.

Hall shared the incredible video, which was filmed before gyms closed, with his 2.4 million followers.

The Beast managed a staggering seven reps as everybody else watched in disbelief.

He captioned the post: "No weights at home??? Just use family members."

The epic clip was filmed when Hall dominated the world of strongman.

He has been crowned the UK's Strongest Man six times and Britain's Strongest Man five times.

Hall smashed the deadlift world record in 2016 – but admitted he thought he was going to die afterwards.

But the British brute has now switched up his training regime as he prepares for a boxing match.

Hall will take on rival Hafthor Bjornsson September in 2021.

Fans have been left fearing the worst for Bjornsson, 31, after Hall, 32, hit his sparring partner until he puked up blood.

Speaking to SunSport, pro bodybuilder Jamie 'The Giant' Christian-Johal predicted Hall will come out on top.

A post shared by Eddie hall – The Beast (@eddiehallwsm)

A post shared by Eddie hall – The Beast (@eddiehallwsm)

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