Vince McMahon to fine WWE stars £400 for not wearing mask during TV tapings after outbreak of positive coronavirus tests

WWE supremo Vince McMahon is ready to get tough to stop coronavirus cancelling his show – by fining stars £400 if they are caught without a mask.

As Covid-19 continues to escalate in the USA, McMahon had vowed to crackdown with all sport literally on the ropes.

Florida, where WWE is televised, has had a huge problem as the number of cases dramatically increases.

To cut the risk of infection, plastic screens have been put up to separate the crowd from the ring.

And now McMahon has told stars they must have a protective mask on – or face being fined.

A first offence will incur a $500 fine and a second will see a $1000 penalty.

McMahon has vowed to continue operating shows for the public – despite the increasing threat of the outbreak which has killed 132,000 people in the USA alone.

But the American billionaire, 74, refuses to take the pandemic seriously.

Up to last week 24 people had tested positive at his shows.

Stars and WWE employees have temperature checks when they enter the WWE Performance Center in Central Florida.

And if shows run on longer than anticipated, a further temperature check will be taken.

Last week, there were reports of three positive tests out of the Performance Center.

Producers Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce both tweeted that they had contracted the coronavirus.

Backstage interviewer and ring announcer Kayla Braxton also received a positive test last week.

It was the second time she had contracted it.

She first tested positive at the end of March after coming out of lockdown to be with friends.

Since the recent outbreak among WWE superstars and employees, organisers have been performing additional testing at all TV tapings.

The new mask policy is much stricter than it had been.

Stars and employees are tested whenever they enter a complex where WWE is being televised.

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