ViacomCBS’s Channel 5 Commissions Three Producers To Make Landmark Series ‘1000 Years Of History’

Channel 5 has commissioned three regional UK producers, Middlechild, Lambent Productions and Raise The Roof Productions, to work together as equals on landmark history series 1000 Years Of History.

The three companies will each produce two, 120-minute episodes for the series which will tell the story of six countries — China, Russia, America, Australia, Scotland and Ireland — using archive, contemporary footage and expert analysis.

Middlechild, Lambent and Raise The Roof will share resources, such as contributors, and are currently in production on the show, which will premiere later this year.

Middlechild is examining Australia and America, Lambent will tackle China and Russia, and Raise The Roof has been assigned to Scotland and Ireland.

“Now more than ever it’s important to create progressive, flexible and nimble processes that benefit producers and also meet the creative and commercial needs of the channel,” said Channel 5 commissioner Emma Westcott.

“By establishing this new transparent and collaborative way of working, we envisage that these three like-minded independent companies will come up with something quite special for the 1000 years strand.”

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