US woman living in UK opens up about differences – from driving to packages

An American mum who moved to the UK has spoken out about some of the key cultural differences she has noticed while adjusting to life in Blighty.

In a TikTok video, Lisa (@yorkshirepeach) talks about the things she has noticed after swapping Atlanta for Leeds.

She says: "Things that are common here but not in America, ok let's do it.

"Leaving a package with a neighbour. I didn't even know that was a thing 'til I moved here. No chance. Wouldn't work.

"The UK driving test: how hard it is. No chance. No, wouldn't work in the States."

Lisa then cheekily hinted the "knock and run" game could be dangerous in the US, warning people: "Please don't do this in America, because if you enter someone's property they can, you know…"

Lisa continued: ''Telling Americans they have to get their cars MOT'd every year. No chance. You should see the state of the cars we drive around.

"Maybe it's a thing in some states… not where I'm from.

"You could drive around with your bumper hanging off, a flat tyre. It doesn't matter."

She finished with: "Alcohol being served in a cinema, in a movie theatre, no chance."

Lisa has noted more observations in other videos, which include that in the UK you don't have someone else pack your bags for you at the supermarket.

She also said it was weird to us that we used letterboxes, or "mail flaps" as she calls them, instead of mailboxes.

"I just think it's weird that somebody could stick their hand in there if they wanted," she said.

The mum also admitted in another video that she was not used to hanging up her laundry outside to dry and panicked every time it rained – in the US most people use a dryer.

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