Unusual hacks to deep clean your house – and why the fridge is actually dirtier than the toilet

We're set to spend more time indoors than we ever have in our lifetimes as we stay at home to try and prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

For those of us lucky enough to be able to work from home and those who are able to stay inside without the worry of losing work it's likely you will have more spare time to really get your house looking gleaming clean.

And according to one of the original cleaning queens Aggie McKenzie there are places in your house that need special attention – including your fridge which she says is actually dirtier than your toilet.

Speaking in Channel 5 programme How to Deep Clean Your House, Aggie explained that while many us assume the bathroom is full of germs it's actually the kitchen that is full of hidden food bacteria and grease build-up.

She said that even if you clean the kitchen regularly it's likely that certain areas, like your fridge, the hob and oven are not been deeply cleaned enough to stop the spread of bacteria as your family come in and out all day.

Food bacteria like e-coli can become the most dangerous form of germ to humans if the kitchen is not kept clean, with the fridge being one of the dirtiest appliances.

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Aggie said in the show that households should aim to remove and clean their fridges at least once a month to get rid of any unknown spillages and contamination.

The kitchen chopping board comes in a close second, because it need to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the spread of any other illnesses like salmonella.

When it comes to areas like the grill you still need a little bit of elbow grease, but instead of an oven scrubber a piece of sandpaper will become your saviour as you get rid of the stubborn residue build up.

"All you need is a sheet of sandpaper, and you take it up and down the greasy rows, and it's like magic, the grease disappears straight away," she said.

Areas like the oven door are often forgotten and using a DIY scraper will help scoop off any grease that has collected, and don't miss the cooker hood that can attract dust as well as grime.

Spaces above the cupboard door can also be left out when it comes to the deep clean, but an easy hack to get around any difficult build-up is to lay down newspaper.

Because they are hard to reach they are not at eye-level and so it can come as a bit of a surprise when you get a good look at what's there.

She offered: "It just involves a few old newspapers, you just stick them on top of the cupboard, and after a while you replace them, they pick up all the dust."

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In your bathroom if you are running low on your usual cleaning ingredients due to people stockpiling, turn to your kitchen cupboards as they could hold the answer.

Clear vinegar works just as effectively as bleach even though it takes a little longer to get into action. And when it comes to the grooves under your toilet seat if you have access to a steam cleaner, using that to get rid of any bacteria is essential.

As well as making sure to vacuuming your bed and changing your sheets once a week to keep dust mites at bay, Aggie advises people not to make their bed in the morning after they first wake up.

"It's actually healthier not to make your bed up. Because dust mites love humidity, warmth, and so, if you pull the duvet cover over, they're so happy, they're really just breeding all day long.

"So, much better to pull the cover's back and just let all the moisture evaporate and cool down, and dust mite don't have that much breeding capacity," Aggie said.

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