UNITED ARROWS & SONS Kicks Off Home Goods Line With Beer Mug and Coasters

UNITED ARROWS & SONS is kicking off its home goods line by releasing a beer mug and a set of coasters.

Both the accessories feature a hand-drawn illustration of a skull and the brand’s logo, imagined by artist Hisayuki Hiranuma. A small print of the words “WORLD TOUR” is stamped just below the logos, followed by a telephone number, while a speech bubble with “CARPE DIEM!” appears next to the skull motif. According to the label, the city of London was the inspiration behind this release, and other cities are expected to inform the next designs.

UNITED ARROWS & SONS’ beer mug and coaster set is currently available on the label’s website for ¥2,640 JPY and ¥2,200 JPY (approximately $25 USD and $20 USD), respectively.

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In case you missed it, here’s a look at a G-SHOCK AW-500 that UNITED ARROWS dressed in a sleek charcoal steel.
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