Ulrika Jonsson hits out to defend Stacey Solomon for having kids by various dads

Ulrika Jonsson "stands tall" with Stacey Solomon as she hits out to defend the Loose Women star after she faced horrid online bullies.

The 53-year-old, got wind that Stacey, 31, had become a target for having three different children by three different men.

Over the years, Ulrika has also come up against "women shaming" trolls and was even labelled as a "4×4 mum" for the same reason.

Commenting on Stacey's Instagram feed, one user said: "Must be very sad having three different dads for your boys".

The former X Factor star wasn't standing for any nonsense and clapped back: "My children are the best thing that ever happened to me."

The TV starlet has two children from previous relationships as well as a son, Rex with husband to be Joe Swash.

Former gladiators presenter Ulrika, who has four children with four different men, ploughed in to protect Stacey, letting her views be known that she feels there are double standards for men and women.

Writing in The Sun, the Shooting Stars host explained: "The simple truth – which applies to both me and Stacey – is that we are good, caring mothers.

"We chose to have our children – we longed for them, regardless of the circumstances of their creation.

"We love them more than anything in the world. And we both nurture our children, keep them by our sides, care for and pay for them. We did not sow our seeds and disappear."

Continuing, the former TV host added: "We chose to take responsibility, to carry these creations in our own arms, sometimes with the assistance of others, sometimes on our own.

"I fail to see the issue with that. My children see themselves as whole siblings and are better adjusted than many other children I know."

The Swedish star recalled the moment when Jack Whitehall had labelled her 4×4 following her departure from the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2009.

Thinking back to her introduction, she felt completely "stumped by the injustice" that had been intended "to shame a woman".

After describing the "hurt" she'd felt at the time, she now showcased her strength, adding: "So I stand tall and proud with Ms Solomon. Who knows, had life taken yet another turn, I might have had more children by more men."

Ulrika also spoke about the moment that her motherhood was commented on by the Loose Women panellists during one of their shows, which she was watching at home.

She said: "I was the subject. One of the panellists scorned: “It must be like Euston Station at her house with all the kids coming and going.” And the comment took my breath away."

She then thanked Jane McDonald for leaping to her defence, but said that the comments "stung and it burned" her, and she couldn't understand how other women would "be so insistent on judging her".

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