Tiny kitten needs round-the-clock care after being found crying in a shed

When tiny kitten Logan was found in a shed, he was lucky to be alive.

The kitten was just days old when a member of public heard small cries and mews coming from their garden shed.

When they went in to investigate, there was Logan, all alone and in urgent need of help.

Thankfully he was quickly taken to the Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby, where staff were able to make sure he was in good health.

From there he was transferred to the charity’s rehoming centre in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, where the team named him Logan and began hand-feeding him with a bottle.

The kitten was so tiny he needed round-the-clock hand-rearing.

Hannah Owen, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Lewknor, said: ‘When Logan first arrived here at Lewknor his eyes weren’t fully open and we needed to hand-feed him using a bottle.

‘He’s so tiny that we popped him into a small crate so he could spend lunch in the team room with us in safety.

‘He was happily cuddled up with a teddy that was double his size and had a good snooze.

‘We then gave him another feed before he went off to his foster home.’

Logan is currently being fostered until he’s old enough to be rehomed – although this may have to wait while the charity’s doors are closed due to lockdown.

Foster carer Amy Mowforth, who is looking after Logan at her home, said: ‘He’s a playful boy with a great purr.

‘He loves his face being rubbed and is very alert.

‘I’m still having to hand-rear him for now, feeding him with a bottle every three hours, including through the night, and also helping to toilet him – things his mum would usually have helped him with, but I’m pleased to report that he’s getting on really well.’

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