This Roomba Alternative That Vacuums & Mops Is 50 Percent Off For Amazon Prime Day

The worst types of household chores are the ones you have to do over and over again to keep up with the basic maintenance of your home. We’re not talking about projects like repainting a room or even weekly tasks like changing your sheets. No, we’re talking about the daily grind, or at least tasks that *should* be part of our daily chores – vacuuming and mopping. But the good news is that, just as dishwashers have saved us from scrubbing our coffee mugs and silverware by hand every day, so to has technology found a way to make keeping our floors clean easier. We’re talking about the Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Expert Pet Robot, a Roomba alternative that both vacuums and mops your floors. Best of all? It’s currently 50 percent off for Amazon Prime Day.

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