This $50 Amazfit Smartwatch Beats the Apple Watch for Three Big Reasons

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It’s hard to deny the appeal of an Apple Watch, the popular smartwatch that’s seen on everyone from casual gym-goers to A-list celebs these days. Sleek and powerful, the latest Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the most advanced fitness tracking devices on the market. But at $429, a new Apple Watch doesn’t come cheap. That’s why we’re big fans of Amazfit, a popular wearables brand that’s been making top-rated activity trackers and smartwatches for almost a decade.

Their Amazfit Bip 3 Smartwatch was just released last summer and it’s priced at $49 right now on — a whopping $380 cheaper than the Apple Watch. It delivers many of the same features too, from a step counter and heart rate monitor, to the ability to measure blood oxygen levels and track your sleep.


Amazfit Bip 3 Smart Watch$59.99 $49.99Buy Now On Amazon

At just $50, the Bip 3 is a no-brainer for people looking to pick up a decent smartwatch online. But aside from the discounted price point, the Amazfit Smartwatch also beats the Apple Watch in a few other ways.

For starters, the battery life on the Amazfit Bip 3 is superb, with the brand noting that the watch can still powered on for up to two weeks. In our testing, it’s been closer to 8-9 days, but that’s still an entire week longer than the 18-hour battery life on the Apple Watch.

At just 33 grams, the Bip is 3 lighter than the latest Apple Watch, which weighs 39 grams. It’s not a huge difference, but definitely something you’ll notice if you’re wearing your watch all day long. The Amazfit’s 43mm screen is also smaller and more compact than the slightly bulkier 45mm display on the regular Series 8 Apple Watch (though Apple offers a 41mm version here).


Amazfit Bip 3 Smart Watch for Android iPhone$59.99 $49.99Buy Now On Amazon

Features-wise, it’s hard to compete with Apple’s technology, but the Amazfit watch has many of the same tracking abilities and insights that you get from an Apple Watch. Both watches are water-resistant down to 50 meters, and the durable construction means it’ll hold up to even your sweatiest workouts.

Apple watches automatically sense the type of workout you’re doing to provide data and monitoring, but Amazfit offers 60 pre-set “sport modes” that let you track everything from running and cycling, to freeform workouts like strength training, yoga and weightlifting. We found this to be a more accurate way to track the actual activity we were doing, rather than relying on motion sensors.

The Bip 3 can be paired to your phone to let you see incoming texts and listen to music, though you won’t be able to respond to texts, like you can on an iPhone. Still, one of the main pros about the Amazfit watch is that it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which is a huge plus if you’re using, say, a Samsung or Sony device.

If you’re looking for a great smartwatch deal, you can’t beat the Amazfit Bip 3. Don’t just take our word for it: the Bip 3 smartwatch has a 4.2-star rating (out of five) from more than 16,000 verified reviewers online. Regularly $60+, a current Amazon deal has the watch on sale for just $49.99 here. This sale price isn’t expected to last for long so we recommend adding the watch to your cart now.

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