These SNL Impressions of Timothée Chalamet, JoJo Siwa, and Carole Baskin Are Eerily Spot-On

I’d like to publicly apologize to my roommate for waking her up with my cackling during Saturday Night Live‘s latest episode. After taking a hiatus due to coronavirus concerns, the show returned on April 11 with all-remote segments. It included an at-home monologue from Tom Hanks and a Drake-inspired home music video from Pete Davidson — both of which were solid bits. But one of the funniest moments was the “MasterClass Quarantine Edition” sketch, starring Chloe Fineman.

The skit shows a MasterClass advertisement in which Fineman transforms into Timothée Chalamet, JoJo Siwa, and Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin. Each “celebrity” shares their expertise in fashion, making TikToks, and riding a bike. The imitations of Siwa and Baskin are absolutely hilarious, but Fineman’s impression of Chalamet might the highlight of the video — maybe even the entire episode. “Hey, what’s up, MasterClass? I’m Timothée Chalamet, and, uh, your mom has sex dreams about me,” she says before mimicking Chalamet’s laugh and talking about his love of hoodies. I know this is a spoof and all, but if the real Chalamet ever does a MasterClass and it’s anything like this, you can sign me up. Watch the clip above and pick your favorite impersonation!

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