These poor people who are definitely having a worse day than you

It could be worse! Hilarious snaps of mishaps reveal there’s always someone who’s more down on their luck than you

  • People from all over the world shared pictures of very bad day they were having 
  • One unlucky person managed to stick their eyelid into the zipper of their jacket 
  • Another showed what happened when a tub of fresh paint emptied in their car 

If you’ve ever had the kind of day that’s going so badly that you wish you could climb into bed and not wake up until tomorrow, then you’ll know how these unfortunate souls feel. 

People from all over the world have shared snaps of  nightmarish days online, from being stung by insects to dropping fresh paint everywhere, which have been collated in a hilarious gallery by Bored Panda.  

One man was in for a painful afternoon after getting his eyelid inexplicably stuck in the zipper of his jacket. 

A man from Europe revealed how he badly cut two of his fingers on the same day he received a brand new guitar.

And one man travelled all the way to Paris to see the view from the Eiffel Tower on his honeymoon, just to be greeted by thick fog.  

People have shared snap of poor souls having worse days than you. A man stuck his eyelid in the zipper of his jacket. 

The Oompa Loompa look! This poor woman from Long Island, New York, got a bad surprise when her DIY face mask stained her face orange 

Splat! A US-based woman working on house renovations revealed she moved her ladder, which caused a pint of paint to splash all over her head and clothes 

In the Pacific Northwest, a man got up for a midnight snack and was left with a broken fridge door when he yanked it off in the dark

A man from the US explained how being stung by a bee in the mouth was the cherry on top of his 2020

Disaster! In the US, a man showed what happened after a pint of paint that was not securely closed tipped over in his car 

Sticky situation: A woman believed to be from the US revealed how she got her hair stuck in a fly trap and spent hours trying to get it unstuck 

So near, but yet so far! In Baltimore, a woman shared a picture of her car keys after she got them stuck in her trunk 

At least they’re both brown! A man believed to be from Texas explained he forgot to switch shoes before leaving the house after trying on two different styles at once to get his wife’s opinion 

Not so gay Paris! One person reached the top of the Eiffel Tower on their honeymoon only to be greeted by this foggy ‘view’

Someone on a night out was about to make a very bad realisation. Their phone was caught in the door of their car

Who let the dog out? One person believed to be from the US revealed how forgetting to close their dog flap on a rainy day led to this nightmare 

In the US, the cause of this foamy disaster which spread all over this family’s front lawn is unknown

Peek-ka-boo! One poor soul living in Texas was terrified to find a real water snake in their toilet

Driving you quackers! A man from Pennsylvania revealed what happened when builders tried to lay fresh cement in front of a house located next to a duck pond 

Oh, the irony! A very unlucky man from Europe revealed he cut two of his fingers on the same day his brand new guitar was delivered 

In Sydney, Australia, a man named Gary wanted to declare his love for ‘Doris’ but the message drawn in the sky ended up looking quite different 

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