These ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Lanterns Will Give Your Space a Spooky Glow This Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is even more fun this year with all of the Nightmare Before Christmas pieces that have been popping up. In addition to the 3-foot tree, The Bradford Exchange is honoring the film with The Nightmare Before Christmas Illuminated Lanterns.

The three handcrafted metal lanterns each show a scene from the Disney Tim Burton classic. There’s one that shows Jack Skellington and Sally in a romantic embrace in front of Spiral Hill, another with Oogie Boogie up to no good, and the last with Lock, Shock, and Barrel making mischief. All of them are filled with purple lights and the tops of the lanterns are crowned with purple bows, pumpkins, skulls, and branches.

The set of three The Nightmare Before Christmas lanterns are available from The Bradford Exchange for $79.99. The lanterns just need two AA batteries to light up, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug them in or hiding a cord.

“Like no other film before or since, Disney Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ envisions a strange, wonderful world populated by unforgettable characters who, despite the outlandish events surrounding their holiday shenanigans, somehow manage to remind us of ourselves,” the description says. “Now, you can revisit the imaginative realm of Halloween Town once more, a place illuminated by the soft glow of moonlight made even more magical by the twinkle of floating starlight.”

Now all we have to do is decide where to place these festive 9- to 10-inch lanterns. They would come together to create a standout centerpiece on your dining room table or light up the staircase with one on every other step. No matter where you put them, they’ll be gawk-worthy decorations in your home.

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