The Undertaker not a fan of current WWE product as retired legend claims 'It's a little soft, not enough edge'

THE UNDERTAKER has revealed he is NOT a fan of the WWE's current product – as it is too “soft” for him.

The Phenom, 55, – real name Mark Calaway – retired at Survivor Series last year after 30-years in the wrestling ring.

He was a legend of Vince McMahon's promotion, being a main-stay during the brutal Attitude Era with gritty matches and X-rated storylines.

But Taker has told how he struggles to watch the WWE's SmackDown and RAW shows at present – as the programme has changed so much.

When asked if he is still a viewer, he told The Joe Rogan Experience: “I try. It's tough right now, for me, because the product has changed so much.

“It's kinda soft. I'll probably p*** a lot of people off but they need to hear it. To the young guys, 'oh, he's a bitter old guy.' I'm not bitter,

“I did my time. I walked away. I just think the product is a little soft.

“There are guys here and there who have an edge to them, but there's too much pretty and not enough edge.”

However,The Undertaker does admit it was partly his fault for the way the WWE has changed for not working with younger talent enough.


He added: “They're trying to put something out for everybody. Some guys are into the comedy s*** and other guys want to see more hardcore fighting.

“One of the big things that happened is the generation before, we all got old at the same time. There weren't enough guys to work with the young guys.

“I can give my theories on what you should do, but until you can get in the ring and do it, it doesn't translate.

“Then, you also have too many people who are like, 'these guys on the internet say I'm good.' Okay, well, you can listen to them or you can listen to somebody who has been there and done it.

“There was not enough merging of the young and the new talent.

“When it was me, Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Shawn Michaels we were working together and making money, then we just aged out and it left young guys working with young guys and the product changed.”

But current WWE star Drew McIntyre disagreed with The Undertaker's assessment.

He said: “I don't agree whatsoever. Especially from an in-ring perspective.”

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