The UKs worst broadband exposed, is your web provider on this list?

The latest stats are in and it appears one broadband supplier is falling way behind its rivals. UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, has just revealed its most up-to-date data on customer complaints and Shell Energy has come bottom of the pile – and by some considerable margin. The popular ISP managed a score of 27 complaints per 100,000 which is well below the rest of the pack.

In fact, the second lowest was Vodafone with this famous firm seeing 19 complaints per 100,000. It’s clearly bad news for users of Shell with Ofcom confirming that most customer moans were about faults, overall service and getting services installed.

“We remain concerned about Shell Energy’s persistently high complaint volumes. We have been engaging closely with the provider on its plans to improve its customer service, and expect to see results of this in the coming months,” Ofcom said.

At the other end of the league was Sky with the company seeing just 5 complaints per 100,000. EE was 2nd (7 complaints) with Plusnet, NOW and BT all claiming third (10 complaints).

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Here are the full results from Ofcom for broadband complaints

Broadband complaints per 100,000

Sky • 5

EE• 7

Plusnet • 10

NOW broadband • 10

BT 10

Virgin Media • 14

TalkTalk • 18

Vodafone • 19

Shell Energy • 27

So, that’s the winners and losers of broadband, but what about TV?

Once again, Sky can be pleased as punch with the company scoring the least amount of grumbles. TalkTalk upped its game for TV with the firm scoring second place, this was followed by BT and Virgin Media.

“Virgin Media and BT were the pay-TV service providers that attracted the most complaints. Virgin Media customers were most likely to be unhappy with how it handled their complaints, while BT customers complained about their experiences of faults, service and getting services installed,” Ofcom confirmed in its report.

Here are the full results from Ofcom for TV complaints

TV complaints per 100,000

Sky • 1

TalkTalk • 3

BT • 7

Virgin Media • 8

Ofcom says that The numbers of complaints it received during the end of 2022 were similar to the previous quarter. Complaints about landline and pay-TV services decreased slightly, while complaints about broadband and pay-monthly mobile services stayed the same.

Speaking about its low complaints volume, Stephen van Rooyen Chief Executive Officer, UK & Europe, said: “For 11 years in a row, we have received the fewest complaints to Ofcom out of every pay-TV provider. We’ve seen over 11,000 Premier League goals in that time. Our customer service team has offered consistent and reliable support for customers whenever they’ve needed us.”

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