The truth about Gwen Stefani’s plastic surgery

While getting plastic surgery hasn’t ended up well for some stars — and by that, we mean resulted in unfortunate body-modifying blunders or even ruined some celebs’ careers — plenty of people think that Gwen Stefani has taken the risk by getting work done. Honestly, if you’re a fan of the singer and haven’t noticed the rumors about her supposedly frozen and filled-up face, then you’re likely in the minority.

For instance, buzz sparked back in April 2019 when Stefani showed up at the Academy of Country Music Awards and “some social media users were quick to say that [she ‘didn’t] look like herself,’ speculating on whether the singer [got] plastic surgery on her lips and face,” according to USA Today. That was followed by a January 2020 appearance, which sparked what the Daily Mail deemed “backlash from fans who [were] insisting she looked completely ‘unrecognizable’ at the Grammy Awards, with some speculating that she had gotten ‘plastic surgery’ or ‘fillers.'”

When the ACM Awards rolled around again in September 2020, people were still focused on Stefani’s face, with one social media user tweeting to the star directly, writing, “Jesus lord, what did you do to your face? Plastic surgery gone wrong 101. Wow.” Um, ouch! While the Daily Mail noted that if Stefani “is aware of the backlash, it seems that she is set on ignoring it” and she seemingly hasn’t responded to the speculation, a few experts were willing to weigh in.

Experts believe Gwen Stefani may have had quite a few cosmetic procedures

While Gwen Stefani hasn’t admitted to getting any cosmetic procedures done, professionals in the field were willing to open up to Life & Style about the possibility that the singer has had plastic surgery. The consensus: She likely has. And frankly, she might have had more done than you suspected.

“It looks like [Stefani] has had cheek filler, a rhinoplasty to smooth out the bump… on the side view of her nose, Botox to drop her upper lip to reduce her gummy smile, lip injections (see the bumpiness of her top lip), and a chin implant,” Dr. Michelle Yagoda explained to Life & Style in June 2020. On top of that, cosmetic and laser medicine expert Dr. Leslie Gerstman noted that it “appears like she’s had Botox to soften her crow’s feet and lift her brows” and might have also had “a lip augmentation.”

Although Dr. David Shafer pointed out that “much of [Stefani’s] appearance is her makeup and lighting,” the plastic surgery pro also added that it’s “certainly filters as well.” Whatever Stefani may or may not have done, Dr. Shafer concluded that the star “is a beautiful person,” and it’s definitely hard to deny that.

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