The Resident Preview: Conrad Reminisces About Nic As Gigi Starts Taking After Her Mom

Gigi is taking after her mom! In our EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 15 episode of ‘The Resident,’ Conrad makes a note of how Nic is coming out in Gigi.

Conrad takes Gigi to school, and she is so excited about having Italian food later on. Conrad jokes that they’re going to have pasta with “ice cream on top,” and Gigi quickly chastises him over it. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of The Resident, Gigi quickly runs off from Conrad when she gets to daycare.

She grabs a book and sits down at the table. One of the moms notices that Gigi is already reading. “That’s amazing!” she says.

Conrad admits Gigi is ready “way sooner” than he ever did. “She must have got that from her mom,” he says. Conrad looks over at Gigi with such pride. She is her mother’s daughter.

After Nic’s tragic death, The Resident jumped forward in time a few years. In the present timeline, Conrad is beginning to explore moving on romantically. HollywoodLife previously spoke EXCLUSIVELY with EP Amy Holden Jones about Conrad’s romantic journey in the back half of season 5.

“There’s an element in this season about how we handle grief, which is something we all deal with,” she told HollywoodLife. “Raptor will have to handle it vis-a-vis his mother, and Conrad has to handle it vis-a-vis Nic. You don’t stop loving someone if people expect you to move on immediately after someone dies. Some people can and some people can’t. Some people continue to love that person for the rest of their life forever. Everybody does but whether they can love someone else is an open story, and that’s part of the story of the season as Conrad grapples with that because he has Gigi to love. He has a woman in his life. Is there one for another one? Can someone else fill those shoes? And those are pretty big shoes to fill.”

The synopsis for the February 15 episode reads: “A tragic accident occurs at Jessica’s sister’s gender reveal party, putting her brother-in-law’s life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Conrad, Irving & Trevor work on an influencer whose life was put in danger by a risky cosmetic surgery. Then, Bell is cleared for his first surgery back and Billie is forced to face her past head-on.” The Resident airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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