The Net Worth Of The Cast Of Abbott Elementary (And Where We Have Seen Them Before)

Abbott Elementary became a breakout sitcom after being released in 2021. With actress and comedian Quinta Brunson in front (and behind) of the series as the show’s creator and central star, Abbott Elementary has only grown in fandom and has won Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, among many more. Brunson made it big in Hollywood after the success of her sitcom, which attributed to her growing net worth. Thanks to the show’s perfectly casted characters, Abbott Elementary could become one of the more profitable sitcoms.

While the show follows a group of teachers working in a poorly run and underfunded public school in South Philadelphia, these actors are anything but underpaid or hurting for cash. While actors like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter were well-known before the series became a standout, other actors like Chris Perfetti and Janelle James became a sensation, which only makes the net worths of Abbott Elementary stars higher.

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9 Sheryl Lee Ralph – $5 Million

Sheryl Lee Ralph has been acting since ’70s and has an outstanding resume behind Abbott Elementary. One of the biggest roles she landed was Deena Jones in Broadway’s Dream Girls in the ’80s, before landing Dee Mitchell in the popular sitcom Moesha. With a strong voice and talent behind Ralph, she adds a special talent to Abbott Elementary’s cast.

Ralph stars as Barbara Howard, Abbott’s star elementary teacher. In many ways, Howard is Janine’s “work mom,” since she gives Janine the love and advice she never got growing up. Because of Ralph’s strong presence on screen and on stage, Style Caster estimates Ralph’s net worth is around $5 million.

8 Tyler James Williams – $5 Million

Aside from Sheryl Lee Ralph, one of the biggest names to grace Abbott Elementary is Tyler James Williams. Williams became known in the industry after his portrayal of Chris Rock in Everybody Hates Chris. Williams could have been typed-cast in Hollywood since so many people viewed him as the teenage version of Chris Rock, but Brunson’s admiration for his acting gave him a chance to succeed on Abbott Elementary.

In Abbott Elementary, Williams plays a second-grade teacher Gregory Eddie. Eddie’s friendship and potential relationship with Janine Teagues is a large ongoing storyline in the series. While already a child star, Williams’ stardom grew to new heights after Abbott Elementary. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Williams is worth $5 million. Because of his time on shows like Whiskey Cavalier and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Williams has created quite the career for himself. Due to Abbott Elementary’s success, Tyler James Williams’ net worth is continuing to grow.

7 Quinta Brunson – $3 to 5 Million

Quinta Brunson’s success has slowly grown, making her one of Hollywood’s newest “It” girls. After becoming known for her memes and comedic skits on Instagram, Brunson began working for BuzzFeed before leaving and starring in hits like A Black Lady Sketch Show and Qinta Vs. Everything. She has since lent her voice to animated shows like Big Mouth and Harley Quinn, proving that her talents run deep.

According to Parade, Brunson’s net worth is somewhere between $3-5 million. Because of the awards Abbott Elementary has won and the notoriety Brunson has received for her talents, her net worth is steadily on an incline. And now that Abbott Elementary is on streaming giants like Hulu, more and more people are seeing the show.

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6 Janelle James – $1 to 5 Million

Comedian and actress Janelle James plays the wildly inappropriate principal, Ava Coleman. Ava does not have the credentials to be a principal of an underfunded school, but her unique take on childcare and education has led to the school’s rise.

James got her start as a standup comedian and become known worldwide after being a part of Chris Rock’s Total Blackout tour and Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup. However, Ava Coleman is James’ most successful character, winning her an Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. According to Yahoo!, James has a net worth between $1-5 million.


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4 William Stanford Davis – $1 to 5 Million

Abbott Elementary is William Stanford Davis’ most popular role. Starring as Mr. Johnson, Abbott Elementary’s custodian, he has no filter and has some of the funniest (and outlandish) quotes in the series. Though Davis is a background character, he became a series regular in season two, adding even more hilarious moments to the ABC comedy.

Outside of Abbott Elementary, Davis has been in shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Snowpiercer, and Ray Donovan. However, his role as Mr. Johnson has won fans’ hearts. Davis won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the Image Awards for his part as Mr. Johnson. Because of his time on the series and longtime career, Super Stars Bio believes his net worth is between $1-5 Million.


2 Chris Perfetti – $1 Million

Chris Perfetti is Abbott Elementary’s breakout star. He hasn’t been in the highest-grossing movies, but he’s on his way to a successful career thanks to Abbott Elementary. In 2023, Perfetti won a Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for the role of Jacob Hill. Hill’s a sixth-grade teacher who is known for being corky but leans into his corkiness to promote individuality. Hill’s one-liners and friendship with Janine are one of the best parts of the series.

Not much is known about Perfetti’s net worth, but The Shahab estimates it’s around $1 million. Because of his time in In the Dark, The Surrogate, and now Abbott Elementary, Perfetti’s place in Hollywood is just beginning.

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1 Lisa Ann Walter – $400,000+

Lisa Ann Walter is best known for her roles in The Parent Trap and Bruce Almighty. The actress has been in a plethora of projects since the ’90s and hit it big with Abbott Elementary. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Walter’s net worth is in the $400,000+ region.

In the series, Walter plays second-grade teacher Melissa Schemmenti. Walter isn’t Hollywood’s highest-paid actress but she’s bound to sign on to more projects after her success on Abbott Elementary. Like many of the teachers, Melissa is a native Philadelphian who has pride in her city and wants the best for the kids she teaches. What sets her apart from the other teachers is her ability to get things done under the table. Finding funding, tools, or objects for the school is Melissa’s specialty, just don’t ask how she got it done.

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