The Folex Carpet Spot Remover\ufeff Has Over 20,000 Positive Reviews On Amazon

It’s the nightmare scenario every carpet owner fears: You’re walking barefoot across that cozy rug when—oops—all of a sudden you spill that glass of red wine in your hand. Cue the frantic scramble to do damage control before you’re stuck staring at that stain for years to come.

Luckily, there’s a solution for those inevitable moments: the Folex Carpet Spot Remover on Amazon. And it’s currently on sale for 24 percent off.

People on Amazon say it can remove tough stains in just a few sprays. The carpet spot remover can clean any material that can be safely dampened with water, not just your rug. So you can use it on your car seats, your clothing, and certain kinds of upholstery, too.

Once the liquid has made contact, there’s no need to rinse or vacuum. Just work the spray into the material using your fingertips, and then blot with a cloth. You should then start to see instant results.

The spray doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind and it’s non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about it somehow irritating your skin.

The carpet cleaner has over 20,000 5-star reviews on Amazon from people who say this stain remover is the real deal. One customer even used it on her car seats to remove years of grime.

You can check out her before and after photo here.

Another customer used it to clean up an ink mess:

“It’s a miracle in a bottle. My German shepherd mix decided to pull a black fountain pen out of my purse and chew it to pieces on my beige carpet while I was sleeping. This cleaner lifted the stain and now it’s like the devastation my dog caused never happened! As soon as I saw it lifting the ink, I got back on Amazon and bought more bottles.”

You can get your own 32 oz bottle of this carpet spot remover on Amazon for just $12.49.

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