The Boys Was Going To Be A Movie Long Before It Was Ever A TV Show

More than a decade before The Boys debuted on Amazon Prime, Columbia Pictures wanted to turn the comic book series into a feature-length film.

Season two of The Boys came to a dramatic climax last week, leaving fans of the show with an indefinite wait until new episodes arrive. Although Amazon Prime has renewed The Boys for season three, there is no telling when production on the next episodes will be allowed to begin, let alone when they will be completed and ready for air.

The first season of The Boys was a huge success, earning itself the label of Amazon Prime’s landmark show. That was evident from the amount of promotion that went into season two which has received even more attention and praise, aside from the staggered release schedule which didn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

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Viewers who prefer to get their Boys fix all in one go would likely love to see a movie based on the show, which in turn is based on a series of comic books. Well, it turns out that almost happened. More than a decade before The Boys debuted on Amazon Prime in 2019, Columbia Pictures had plans to make a big-screen adaptation of the comic books.

Writers, producers, and a director were attached to the project, a script was written, and a tentative date on which shooting would begin was even set. However, in 2012, four years after it picked the project up, Columbia revealed that it had no plans to continue on with a movie about The Boys. However, Paramount picked it up, and a year later, hired some new writers. The movie was presumably scrapped as that’s the last anyone heard of the project, aside from those closest to it.

As intriguing as a movie based on The Boys sounds, it might be for the best that it never happened. Not only because the TV show to be born from it years later is an unmitigated hit, but also because the movie was in the works before the comic book series had come to an end. The writers of the show can now take from everything that happened in the comic, and trust us when we tell you there is a lot more to see.

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