The Berrics Launches New Web Series Highlighting the Trendiest Local Skate Spots in LA

The Berrics has launched a web series in partnership with DoorDash showcasing the coolest neighborhoods in Los Angeles from the perspective of the skaters who live there.

The skateboarding site’s latest episode features professional skaters Eric Koston and Kelly Hart going door-to-door in some of Echo Park’s trendiest hangouts, including the Echo Park Skatepark and Frogtown Skatepark.

Check out the second episode of In The Cuts above. The first episode, which explores the upscale neighborhood of Sherman Oaks, can be viewed here.

California announced in September that it will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks by 2035 as part of a push to go green, making skateboarding an attractive alternative mode of transportation.
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