The 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season is The New Playing Field

DRL 2020 is The New Playing Field and will feature a new championship series, new pilots, and new ways to get involved.

This season, DRL owns the new reality – where there’s no difference between the virtual and the real – testing the skills of digital athletes in a new era of sport.

A dozen elite pilots compete for the DRL Allianz World Champion title through 14 SIM events.

Racing takes place in the DRL SIM, an immersive drone racing video game, launching on XBOX on September 23rd for the first-time ever.

The best drone pilots in the world navigate custom, high-speed DRL Racer4 drones, flying First Person View (FPV) through complex, neon-bright tracks and capturing the most exhilarating racing content, creating the sensation that you’re soaring from the drone’s cockpit.

2020 DRL schedule

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