‘That’s a hard no’: Jacinda Ardern responds to request to twerk on Instagram

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was probably not expecting to be asked to twerk when she took to Instagram to answer questions regarding the changes to the Covid-19 traffic light system, but that is exactly what happened.

Ardern does frequent livestreams on social media to answer questions from the public and took to Instagram yesterday after announcing the latest changes to the country’s Covid response.

After addressing the new measures, Ardern read out and answered questions she received in the comments to the livestream. Some people asked Ardern about rapid antigen tests, others about Russian sanctions, others mentioned the nursing shortage and the fuel price rises. Then there was someone who asked the Prime Minister of New Zealand to twerk.

“Someone’s asked me to twerk, that’s a hard no,” Ardern said to the camera.

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A snipped of the video has made it on to TikTok, with one user praising Ardern for addressing the question during the livestream.

Ardern’s livestreams have become a fixture of the Government’s pandemic response, with the Prime Minister regularly checking in with followers at the end of the day, especially on days when changes to the Covid response are announced.

Last year, one of her livestreams made headlines when Ardern’s Q&A session on Facebook was interrupted by her daughter Neve.

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