Tesco and Asda shoppers furious as some supermarkets RUN OUT of Valentine’s Day meal deals

TESCO and Asda shoppers have been left disappointed after finding some shops have already SOLD OUT of Valentine’s Day meals.

Others fumed that they’ve only been sent part of their dine in offer, or products that go out of date before February 14.

Both Tesco and Asda are charging £15 for their Valentine’s Day meal deals, which both include one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, one drink.

Asda also offers shoppers the choice to swap their drink for a box of chocolates instead.

But if parts of the deal are missing – for example, if stores have run out of starters or mains – customers won’t benefit from any money off.

This is because you need to buy one of each meal category to complete the meal deal and get the discount.

At Tesco, you can get as much as £30.20 worth of food for just £15 thanks to the deal, while the best offer at Asda is £25 worth of food for £15.

This means at Tesco, you’re saving a maximum of £15.20, and you save as much as £10 at Asda.

Some Tesco shoppers said the majority of their Valentine's Day choices hadn't been delivered, while others claimed they'd been searching for several days for the meals in stores.

The Tesco deal launched in stores from February 8 and should available until Feburary 14.

One said: "Ordered your Valentine’s meal deal. Four out of five items not available. Disappointed Tesco. Lots of advertising then can’t deliver!"

Another said: "Very disappointed this morning when I went to click and collect four of the six Valentines items not available and NO suitable substitute- looks like it’s drip bread then!"

A third said: "I just went into my local Tesco to buy your Valentine’s Day meal deal, to find there where no starters, so pointless, asked the assistant, but they didn’t have any."

A fourth added: "Valentines meal Tesco looks fantastic just a shame can’t actually buy it!

"Been every day for four days and haven’t had any starters therefore can’t get deal – and they still have the signs up advertising it – however one trip to Morrisons and deal bought."

Another said: "Bit annoying though when a) you don't deliver what has been ordered and b) it doesn't keep until Valentine's Day. What is the point?"

Asda shoppers had similar complaints on Twitter.

Its meal deal first hit shelves on February 4 and should be around until February 24.

One said: "We ordered Asda’s Valentines meal over a week ago. Delivery day today and five items missing!

"Very disappointed! Will not be shopping there again as this is not the first time things have been missing! Beware!"

Another said: "Can I ask why your advertising the valentines meal deal but yet I went into one of your big stores to be told no we haven’t got it?"

A third said: "Are there any issues with purchasing the Valentine’s £15 meal deal?

"I’ve tried to add it to my shop on the app and on the website but all of the starters are missing so I’m unable to complete the offer."

A fourth added: "Just received email re today's order. My whole valentine's meal [is] not available.

"I'm shielding so no opportunity to get substitute. Really disappointed."

Another shopper said: "Your Asda Valentine's meal deal might be great value but not when the store has loads of mains and no sides at all."

Tesco told The Sun that its Valentine's Day meal deal has been extremely popular this year, but says the range is still available in both larger stores and Express branches.

The supermarket added that online orders are subject to availability.

We've asked Asda if it's aware of any stock issues and we'll update this article when we know more.

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