Tattoo couple who earn fortune from sexy snaps show how they looked before ink

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A couple who love tattoos showed how different they looked in a number of throwback snaps.

Heidi Lavon and James Marshall Ramsey first met at a photoshoot before falling madly in love with each other.

It all started when Heidi, who boasts 1.1 million followers on Instagram, was in charge of rubbing oil on her hunky other half.

Now James, who has over 111,000 followers on Instagram, is an Army veteran and amputee who works as a full-time photographer.

He even spends his time stepping in for Heidi and taking all of her stunning photos which she uses on her social media.

But before all of their success and body art, the couple looked very different to what they do now.

In photos shown exclusively to Daily Star Online, Heidi revealed how she was once a ginger-haired babe with braces.

As for James, he was a serious-looking teen when he served in the Army.

He got his first tattoo when he was 18, right out of basic training for the service.

Now he's had his whole back, both arms, whole throat/neck, hands, head, fingers, ribs and some on his only leg tattooed.

Since his obsession, he's had about 28-40 hours completed, with plans to get more ink in the future.

Heidi told us that her partner has spent thousands of pounds on tattoos alone.

Some people may think this is extreme, but it doesn't faze her.

This is because the bombshell got more ink than her partner.

She revealed: "I have probably 50-100 hours because I've sat for shorter time periods but more of them."

Heidi added: "Most of my tattoos consist of anything nostalgic for me from my childhood like movies or sayings.

"My tattoos are mostly colour, because I was always a tattoo model, I definitely got hooked with tattoos."

Aside from their podcast, The Exposure Therapy Podcast, the couple also earn money from their OnlyFans account.

Speaking about their platform, Heidi said: "It's a mixture of content. James is a photographer like myself so we both shoot each other."

She continued: "James was kind of thrown into modelling after being discovered by a famous photographer based out of LA.

"Michael Stokes is known for photographing veterans, war heroes, amputees and super hot male models."

And James has been inspiring thousands of people on his Instagram account.

When he's not posting clips of his podcast with Heidi, James is sharing videos of his incredible workouts.

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