Supermoon spiritual guide: How to stay well after an astrological rollercoaster

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This week has seen a triple threat of astrological signs. The week began with Summer Solstice and was followed the next day on June 22 by the ending of Mercury in retrograde. Tonight, the trilogy will be complete when the Supermoon rises.

According to spiritual experts, these three phenomena can take their toll.

Psychic World said the three happenings in close proximity will “inevitably” leave people feeling exhausted, emotional and lead to increase levels of anxiety.

However, there are ways to combat the negative cascade of emotions.

Inbaal, a renowned psychic and wellness expert, said the top way to stay mentally healthy is to rest and fuel your body.

Be sure to take some time out and just sit there, motionless.

Inbaal said: “Sit or lay motionless for at least ten minutes – and do nothing.

“Don’t scroll, don’t speak, don’t even meditate. Just be aware that your body isn’t moving. This is when healing happens.

“Another way to combat the side effects of enlightenment caused by a Full Moon is to make a point of nourishing yourself, so that you have the strength to stay on top of things.”

Another top tip is to be at one with nature.

Take some time to get outside and explore some greenery today and tomorrow.

Inbaal said there is “nothing more calming than the natural world”.

She added: “Stare at the moon, go on a walk or go for a swim at a time where bodies of water are at their peak energy.”

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Inbaal’s final tip is to “engage with your spirituality”.

Perhaps you can jot some inspirational ideas down which could help stir your emotions in a positive fashion.

It is also a “perfect time to charge your crystal” and to clean your soul.

Inbaal said: “The Full Moon’s healing properties offer a time to accept and forgive.

“To embody your forgiveness, write transgressions on small bits of paper and cast them into running water, or burn them safely in a fireproof dish under a Full Moon.”

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