Super high-cut bikini compared to ‘Borat’s mankini’

By now we should be all used to skimpy swimsuits and lingerie, but then there comes along a bodysuit so revealing it actually seems to defy the rules of physics.

A bodysuit from Shein has been ridiculed online for its ridiculously high-cut style, which has been likened to Borat’s famous mankini.

Costing just $16.95 the extreme high-waisted design comes up to underneath the bust and features just a narrow strip of fabric to cover the privates.

The bodysuit was posted in a Facebook group this week by one baffled shopper who captioned a photo of the clothing item: “What is this!?”

Soon it got dozens of comments from people joking that it was “cut so damn high it’s practically flossing her teeth” and warning against sneezing, according to The Sun.

Others said the image was Photoshopped as “even Barbie and her none existent flaps” wouldn’t be able to wear the bodysuit.


Shein’s bodysuit isn’t its first clothing item to get questionable reviews. Its Cut-out Halter Triangle Tie Side Bikini Swimsuit received more than 1400 reviews from customers who warned the revealing style came with several pitfalls.

The triangle top features cut-out panels underneath the nipple, meaning wearers will show off plenty of underboob.

The two-piece comes in four colours and costs just $16.95 – a bargain if you’re willing to play chance with keeping your privates covered in the ocean, shoppers warned.

“One wrong move and everything is coming out,” one person wrote, while another said they were “too scared to go swimming in this”.

“Very cute, SUPER REVEALING, wouldn’t recommend wearing it to the beach, it’s super risky,” one shopper wrote.

Another shopper gave the bikini five stars but sadly concluded they “can’t wear the top out in public because it’s likely to show nipple”.

“If you’re more on the self-conscious side as far as showing a little more extra skin, this bikini may not be for you,” one customer recommended. “But if you feel the risk is worth the outcome, then by all means, go for this bikini!!”

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