Spoilers: Aaron and David fresh battle to save marriage in Neighbours?

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are facing their biggest marriage challenge to date, could it be enough to unravel the couple’s strong relationship in Neighbours?

They haven’t always seen eye to eye since deciding to foster, and even less so when Emmett (Justin Ezra) came along, with Aaron unsure it was right to continue while David fought for the teen to stay. Aaron came around, but ever since then it’s been nothing but a battle to keep Emmett safe.

Once Jenna, Emmett’s mum, showed up, Aaron knew the fight had been taken to another level. And it climbed to an even higher one when Jenna’s sister suddenly gets involved.

The couple’s biggest fears are confirmed when Jenna’s sister is found to be a suitable carer for Emmett. Aaron and David know this means they’re likely to lose him – everyone knows blood is thicker than water and it’ll take a miracle to help them keep him.

Cracks begin to show between David and Aaron when they start turning on each other over the prospect. When David learns the tactics Jenna is using to persuade him to choose to live with her, David decides he needs to play dirty too. Going by Paul’s advice, he pleads with Emmett to make the right choice.

David is crushed when it doesn’t work, and the unravelling begins – the couple are left dealing with their devastation separately rather than as a team, and when Aaron tells David he needs to start to let go, the doctor loses it at his husband. He blames Aaron for everything and calls him a quitter for giving up on Emmett. Are they strong enough to get through this, or is this the beginning of the end?

Scenes air from Monday 7th September on Channel 5.

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