'Southern Charm': Shep Rose on the Possible Cameran Eubanks Return

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks are two of the stars of Southern Charm that started the show back in 2014. Although Rose is continuing with the series, Eubanks exited ahead of the seventh season. The two reality personalities have had a special bond and Rose is surely going to miss her. Despite Eubanks leaving, Rose is sure there’s a possibility that she could return in the future.

Why did Cameran Eubanks quit?

Eubanks was the narrator of Southern Charm and some would even consider her the heart of the show. Her love life was off-limits throughout her six seasons on the Bravo series. Rumors of her husband cheating were raised in the new season by co-star Kathryn Dennis.

“I was going to make a kind statement about why I decided to leave the show tomorrow,” Eubanks said in a statement on Instagram in May 2020. “However, it has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles are being written … some of which pertain to my marriage.”

The Real World alum said she was leaving the series but it was not due to the allegations. Eubanks assured her fans that she had made the cable network aware of her decision to exit the show months before the announcement.

“Drama is needed to stay relevant on reality television and sadly false rumors about others are sometimes created,” she continued. “Make of that what you will and consider the source. My decision was made and given to Bravo months ago and had absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake rumors about my marriage. Please disregard any fabricated rumor.”

Shep Rose talks about Cameran Eubanks’ exit

After Southern Charm Season 6, Rose had doubts about returning and he understands that Eubanks was in the same headspace. However, he ultimately signed up for another season because he wanted to change the narrative of how he had been portrayed.

“Cameran always signs up at the last second, she’s always like, ‘I want to get out,’ and then she does it and we have a ball,” Rose told Entertainment Tonight. “This season, I don’t think she sort of liked last season. I don’t think she liked the tone of it — I sure didn’t, but I wanted to … continue and sort of let my soul shine through, hopefully. So, that was kind of my determining factor. I was like, let’s do this again because we can do it better.”

Rose feels the tone of the show had changed and that’s not something Eubanks wanted to be associated with. He explained that there were “screaming matches” but the cast never “crossed certain lines” or go for the jugular. Rose also said that Eubanks liked being on the series and talks about the possibility of her return.

“I know that she really enjoyed — and she might not admit it — sort of the juice of the show, meaning the gossip and knowing what everyone is saying,” Rose added. “She was like, front-row seat to all the salaciousness and ridiculousness, and I think she took joy in that. So, maybe she’ll want to jump back on the train. Obviously, I think we’d all welcome her.”

Southern Charm airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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