Sophie, Countess of Wessex body language shows how she won over ‘tricky’ Prince Philip

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, married Prince Edward, 56, in June 1999. Sophie became a full-time working royal attending events with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. What does their body language reveal about their relationship?


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Prince Edward was the last of his siblings to get married when he tied the knot with Sophie.

She became the third daughter-in-law of Prince Philip and the Queen.

Being compared to their other daughter-in-laws could have determined Sophie’s relationship with the Royal Family, it’s been claimed.

However, Sophie soon won them over and formed close relationships, according to body language expert Judi James.

She said: “Prince Philip had notoriously tricky relationships with his other two daughters-in-law and his relationship with his third son, Edward, has been rocky at times too.

“For Sophie this historic background could have seen her relationship with her often irascible father-in-law going one of two ways.

“Either his wariness of a woman once described as ‘The new Diana’ when she first entered the Royal family could have led to an arms-length wariness, or she could have been welcomed as the royal bride who stuck it out and made it work.

“Over recent years it’s been clear that Sophie’s stoic approach has worked and even won over Prince Philip, who appears to relish being in her company almost as much as the Queen does.”

While working as a full-time royal, Sophie has shown a similar work ethic to the Queen.

This may have helped her win over both the Queen and Prince Philip.

Prince Philip officially retired from royal duties in 2017 but has been seen with Sophie many times before this.

Analysing their body language, Judi claimed the pair have a shared sense of humour.


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She told “These poses suggest Prince Philip has a very high liking of his daughter-in-law that blends a sense of shared fun with a kind of down-to-earth mutual respect.

“The Prince can be intimidating and he is known to not suffer fools gladly but the non-verbal signals here hint that he might just have met his match in Sophie.

“The pair look relaxed in one another’s company and the way Philip points and turns his face towards Sophie wearing a wide, mischievous-looking grin while she looks forward wearing more of a deadpan expression suggests they have a bit of a comedy double-act going.”

As well as having a close relationship with her in-laws, Judi suggested that Sophie has become more important in the Royal Family.

She continued: “Sophie’s calm, unfussy and upbeat-looking body language and behaviour seems to have impressed the Queen years ago and the pair are said to be close.

“We’ve seen Sophie recently stepping up to the plate during problems in ‘The Firm’.

“And her appearances at the Queen’s side often fills the gap left now that Prince Philip has retired from public view.”

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