Solar eclipse spiritual meaning: What is the meaning behind the Ring of Fire eclipse?

A rare type of solar eclipse is taking place this weekend across much of the world, as the Sun, Moon and Earth align. The path of the annular solar eclipse takes it across Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia on Sunday, June 21. Many people notice eclipse period appear to imbue everything — from feelings, thoughts and events – with a deeper spiritual meaning.

In astrology, eclipses are considered as portals for exponential growth.

In particular, eclipses are a period of flux, due to both internal or external circumstances.

People often expect to be forced to confront change in a way that may be uncomfortable, but can ultimately lead to maturity.

Lunar eclipses and solar eclipses are both times when sudden changes occur in our lives, but many people do not understand the different ways these changes take form.

Here are a some ways of interpreting what this Sunday’s solar eclipse means spiritually for you.


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Solar eclipses in astrology always coincide with a New Moon.

In astrology, the Sun is the planet representing our focus, our deepest desires, goals and our external self.

The solar system’s star is considered the planet of our personality, self-expression and the tangible ways we interact in the world.

The Sun is also planet responsible for governing our extroversion, the personal significance of our goals and desires, and who we are at our most outgoing.

The New Moon is believed to mark a time for putting plans into tangible practice.

It is an occasion to take the necessary steps toward achieving what we wish to create for ourselves.

The New Moon therefore acts like a map used to get to where you want in your life.

The solar eclipse therefore can be understood to provoke more external changes.

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Events outside of us might get in the way of what we want and the path we must take to get it.

The solar eclipse may force people to find a different route to our goals.

Generally, the changes ushered in by a solar eclipse are positive, as the Sun is categorised as a positive planet in astrology.

Anticipate being pushed forward into a new job before you even realise you are ready.

The eclipse will then reveal just how ready you really are.

Ultimately, a solar eclipse is meant for us to demand more of ourselves.

The events surrounding the solar eclipse will consequently prove to be a test of both strength and resolve to achieve achievable dreams.

Be sure to embrace the changes with open arms and an open mind.

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