Slurring Mike Tyson leaves Piers Morgan shocked after giving ‘car crash’ interview on Good Morning Britain

MIKE TYSON left fans 'concerned' and fearing for his health after a 'car crash' Good Morning Britain interview.

The Baddest Man on the Planet was on to promote his November 28 comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

But rather than an acid-tongued quote machine, Tyson, 54, appeared to mumble his words and spoke incoherently, drooping his head several times and even closing his eyes.

Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid looked uncomfortable during the chat this morning, at times not knowing where to look.

They continued through what one viewer labelled a 'disaster of an interview' filled with awkward pauses.

At one point, Reid asked Tyson what he thought of 51-year-old Jones Jr as a rival in the ring.

Tyson, who appeared groggy when he came in live from Los Angeles, mumbled back: "I don't care what he says about me as an opponent.

"I'm just prepared to fight on Saturday night, November 28."

On another occasion, cameras picked up Tyson with his head almost in his lap as Reid asked him about concerns over fighting again at his age.

Tyson finally lifted his head – but his reply appeared jumbled: "I think it's very wonderful that we're fighting together.

"The fight that we should have had sooner but unfortunately we're having it now and that's going to be awesome."

One viewer watching from home said: "Mike Tyson absolutely hammered on his interview this morning."

Another tweeted: "Absolute car crash of an interview on #gmb with Mike Tyson."

TV presenter Alex Beresford posted: "Hoping Mike Tyson is just tired? This interview on @gmb."

In response to Beresford, another viewer said: "I was just thinking the same. He certainly looks high on something. No way he should be fighting, surely?"

A fellow user wrote: "That was a shocking interview, he didn't look or sound with it."

And one tweet read: "That was more than tiredness, he was under the influence of something! Can't believe they allowed the interview! Unprofessional."

Another concerned fan wrote: "What did I just witness? Am I the only one who couldn’t understand one single word what @MikeTyson was saying?"

Tyson appeared at around 6.50am this morning, around 10.50pm for him in the States.

The former heavyweight king stunned the world for all the right reasons when he released training videos ahead of his astonishing comeback fight.

Iron Mike, who last fought 15 years ago, looked sharp on his feet and appeared to have lost none of the ferocious power that made him one of the biggest names in sport throughout the Nineties.

Tyson announced in April he intended to make a comeback and he has undergone an amazing body transformation ahead of his ring return.

Judging by the reaction to his GMB interview though, fans are less concerned about his physical shape and more about his mental preparedness to fight again.

Tyson – who recently claimed he smokes £33,000 worth of cannabis a month – famously struggled with drug and drink addiction throughout his career.

He said he took cocaine and marijuana just moments before his June 2000 fight against Lou Savarese.

Tyson also wrote in his book 'Undisputed Truth' he was a 'full-blown cokehead' and even used a fake penis to fool drug testers.

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