Sky High Farm Launches "Sky High Farm Universe" With "Honey Pop Sparkling Water"

Despite its workwear origins, Sky High Farm stands for much more, raising over $300,000 USD for the non-profit it supports. Expanding its vision with “Sky High Farm Universe,” the standout imprint has created what it calls a “marketplace of goods for good.” The purpose of Sky High Farm Universe is to not be confined to a single category or method, drawing support from new and existing customers to its mission of sustaining and expanding the work of Sky High Farm.

Marking the launch of the Sky High Farm Universe is “Sky High Farm Honey Pop,” the first item from the marketplace. Sky High Farm Honey Pop is a bright sparkling water lightly sweetened and flavored with honey, one of the most versatile and pure ingredients nature has to offer.

Sky High Farm explains, “Honeybees are pollinators, the quiet linchpins of agriculture. Their survival, under threat (like so much else) by climate change and industrial sprawl, is integral to our own. We take their example to heart with this beverage as we connect like-minded companies to each other and to our cause, working to spread awareness of the issues motivating Sky High Farm’s work and tapping ever-growing audiences to lend support.”

The important beverage option was concocted with FedUp Foods, a private label, and functional fermented beverage manufacturer that is actively cultivating and supporting regenerative solutions for the Earth and its community. The refreshing beverage is formulated with gut health properties and nutritional value, it is also organic, vegetarian, and kosher. Sky High Farm Honey Pop will be debuting exclusively at Erewhon Market, the cult-favorite, family-owned, CA-based B Corp, known for its locally grown, organic produce, and impressive assortment of small-business-owned products.

“We share Sky High’s vision for a just and equitable food system and their commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our partnership has created a drink that is truly unique and special – a delicious and refreshing sparkling water that delights the senses, brings awareness to the critical role of pollinators in agriculture, and supports food access with every can sold. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this collaboration,” said Andreas Schneider, Chief Development Officer at FedUp Foods.

“The Erewhon team has watched Sky High Farm Universe grow since its inception. When I first heard of the nonprofit Sky High Farm’s mission I fell in love and wanted to support their commitment to ecological farming practices and an environmentally holistic, equity-focused approach to promoting food sovereignty. Our team collaborated on co-branded Sky High Farm Workwear merchandise to celebrate the launch of the brand’s first drink, Honey Pop, which has been years in the making. All these goods work to power the work of the nonprofit and I’m so honored to launch the beverage and share the brand with our customers at our nine, soon-to-be ten stores in Los Angeles,” said Alec Antoci, Brand Development at Erewhon Market.

Priced at $5 USD, Sky High Farm Honey Pop will be available on Sky High Farm Universe’s website and at Erewhon Market locations April 21, 9 a.m. EDT. Additionally, Sky High Farm will be taking to the West Coast to host a series of Los Angeles activations at Dover Street Market Los Angeles, Erewhon, and Compton Community Garden during Earth Day weekend this week.

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