Skinnygirl Founder Bethenny Frankel Launches New "Forever Young" Wine Line

Bethenny Frankel is returning to the business world with a fresh, new wine product. The newly engaged Skinnygirl founder has just excitedly revealed that she is launching the Forever Young wine line up, and based on her prior success in the alcohol industry, all indications suggest this will be a very lucrative venture. She had previously created and later sold her Skinnygirl cocktail line for a jaw-dropping $120 million, so she already had a tried, tested, and true formula from which to base this new product line. Daily Mail has reported that Frankel’s come-back could be even more successful than her first crack at this market.

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Bethenny Frankel has seen huge success in her career, and has truly made waves after her involvement on The Real Housewives Of New York series. Those who watched the show will know that she’s not afraid to indulge in her alcoholic beverages, and she has taken that full circle, by finding a way to create her very own alcohol brand.

Frankel is no stranger to the industry, after building Skinnygirl cocktails from the ground up, and eventually selling that portion of her franchise, she decided to dive right in, and this time, she has opted to put her focus into creating fine wine. She has put a youthful spin on the name of her brand, calling it Forever Young. Adding another personal touch by giving a nod  to her personal journey, she captioned her social media post by writing; “Can lightning in a bottle strike twice?”  This was, of course, a direct reference to her prior success in this world of celebrity alcohol brands.

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Along with the release of her wine, Frankel took a moment to remind her fans and followers that she has been a true trailblazer in this industry, citing the fact that she was the first female celebrity to embark on creating her Skinnygirl brand at a time when the industry was purely male-dominated, and far less saturated than it is now.

Page Six quotes her as saying; “I cracked the code in the spirits business once before. My little cocktail baby was the fastest growing liquor brand in history, at the time. I paved the way for many other media personalities to launch their own cocktail brands and created a new category.”

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Frankel’s product is as tantalizing as her marketing campaign is. She has described her Forever Young wine as being “superb,” “next level,” and “elevated” and has gone on to describe this new line of fine wine by saying; “With every sip, you will understand why I entered back into this space.”

Consumers will be thrilled to hear that a complete line of wine will be available, including Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the likelihood that a Rosé option will also be added to the list of offerings. Each bottle of wine ranges in cost from $10.49 — $16.99.

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Sources: Page Six, Daily Mail

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