Size 10 mother-of-two reveals how she has been body-shamed TWICE

Size 10 mother shares photo of her figure and asks ‘do I really look that bad?’ after men shouted at her to ‘go faster’ if she wanted to ‘lose those pounds’ while out jogging

  • A size 10 mother-of-two revealed how she has been body-shamed on her jog
  • Posted anonymously to British parenting site Mumsnet about her experience 
  • The mother said she has been left ‘feeling very insecure’ about her weight

A size 10 mother-of-two revealed how she has been body-shamed twice while jogging with one man claiming she needed to ‘go faster’ if she wanted to ‘lose those pounds’.

The woman, who lives in the UK with her partner and two children, was out for a run around her neighbourhood when she was shouted at by two different men.  

Posting anonymously on British parenting site Mumsnet, she revealed how one person shamed her by shouting: ‘You need to go faster that that if you want to lose those pounds.’

The woman said she had ‘never been happy with her weight’ but that the men had left her ‘feeling very insecure’. 

A size 10 mother-of-two, from the UK, has revealed how she was body-shamed in the street by two men while jogging, sharing this picture of her running outfit on Mumsnet

Posting online, she wrote: ‘Obviously I didn’t respond and just carried on but it’s been playing on my mind all night.

‘This isn’t the first time someone has commented on my weight recently either – last week an old man shouted over “Keep going girl and you might be in a bikini by summer”.’

She continued: ‘I don’t think he was being mean just more one of those sexist comments the older generation sometimes makes but I’m now left feeling very insecure about my weight again. 

‘In my head I KNOW I’m not fat but I’m also not thin, just more of a medicore medium at a size 10/12. 

The mother-of-two said the abuse had been playing on her mind and left her feeling ‘very insecure’ 

‘I’ve never been one of those people who has been happy with their weight so I know the issue probably lies with me – I hate the top of my legs, the tops of my arms, need to tone all over etc and this got worse after having 2 kids.

‘I’ve always struggled with my weight and had to eat well/exercise otherwise the lbs just creep back on but we all know that during lockdown there may have been a few more cheeky snacks than usual!’  

She went on to share a snap in her jogging attire, and asked other users for their feedback on her outfit. 

But responses to the post assured the mother-of-two that she looked ‘fabulous’ and she should ‘ignore the idiots’. 

She later told commentators that while she knows she is not ‘big’, the abuse had ‘triggered’ her insecurities’ 

However the mother responded to the post by saying how the comments have ‘triggered’ her insecurities again.

She added: ‘I know I’m not ‘big’ but their comments have just triggered my insecurities again. 

‘And you are right too – they were no oil paintings themselves! But they think that it’s okay for them to comment on me. Says it all!’

And the women agreed that she had ‘absolutely nothing to worry about’, with one saying: ‘How rude! We have a very similar figure to be fair. I would have shouted some abuse back but that’s just me.’ 

Responses to the post assured the mother-of-two that she looked ‘fabulous’ and she should ‘ignore the idiots’

And others agreed, telling the mother of two: ‘You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Ignore the idiots.’ 

‘You look fabulous. I am losing weight and would be absolutely delighted to look like you.’  

However, one person added how there may be ‘no malice’ in the comments and their support ‘comes out wrong’. 

They said: ‘You look strong and fit and heathy! I am a size 14/16 and went out for a run a few days ago and was SO paranoid, but then I thought at least I’m doing something about it? 

‘I think sometimes people want to be supportive but it comes out wrong in their brains and utter tosh comes out instead. 

‘There’s no malice, it’s just they feel they have to say something.’

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