Sick ISIS thugs celebrate George Floyd riots as ‘divine retribution for treatment of Muslims’

JUBILANT ISIS thugs are hailing the bloody George Floyd riots as 'payback for the treatment of Muslims’.

They have been rejoicing at the outbreaks of violence across the US on the anonymous chat app Telegram.

Some twisted channels have been covering non-stop footage of the riots dubbing them a 'civil war' and calling for them to rapidly escalate.

One pro-ISIS user even called on muslims in the U.S. to buy guns for 'self-defense' reasons claiming they may be targeted during the unrest.

Another post used the hashtag #AmericaBurning and the text: 'The anarchy in the U.S. is continuing.

'Many police vehicles are being burned in Philadelphia, Dallas, and Los Angeles.'

Some sick ISIS supporters are calling the worrying riots and protests as 'divine retribution.

Another chilling message read: 'You are waking up this morning to news of the destruction of America, the dismantling of its States, and civil war.

'May Allah give them them a taste of what they did to the Muslims in Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine, and may be save the Muslims there from all evil.'

Another wrote: 'The American civil war: dozens of security force vehicles were destroyed in the riots.'

The same user also posted photos of burning police and security vehicles across the U.S. and wrote: 'Photos from the new world.'

News of the sickening posts were revealed by monitors from The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

They revealed the channel Iraq News posted: 'Praise be to Allah, the American people are rising against their government.

'Destruction, fragmentation. America is burning. On the other hand, there are powerful storms, floods, and earthquakes.

'The number of coronavirus patients in the U.S. has reached almost two million, with ten thousand dead.

'Rejoice at the infidels. This is the state of those who attack Muslims and the Religion of Allah.'

Another warped ISIS supporter posted photos of the riots writing: 'O Allah, burn them like they burned the lands of the Muslims.'

More than 4,100 people have been arrested in the US as many across the country continue to angrily protest the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, 46, died last Monday after former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, 44, held his knee on the man’s neck for nearly nine minutes while arresting him.

For the sixth night, demonstrations broke out in at least 140 cities in the US, with tens of thousands of people in the streets, with some rioting, looting, and lighting police cars on fire.

From New York to Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia — protests happened in dozens of states, and at least 26 governors called in the National Guard for assistance.

In Davenport, Iowa, two people were fatally shot and a police officer was wounded by gunfire after being “ambushed” on Sunday night, the Des Moines Register reported.

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