Shahs of Sunset Star Sara Jeihooni Reveals She Dated R Kelly for 3 Years

“Robert was very charming, so kind — definitely not what I would have expected.”

Sara Jeihooni dropped a bombshell on Friday’s "Shahs of Sunset," as she admitted she dated R. Kelly, the singer who currently sits in jail on sex abuse charges.

During an episode already filled with shocking revelations, the 29-year-old divulged to Reza Farahan that she recently had "2 agents" come knocking on her door to serve a subpoena regarding her ex-boyfriend.

As if channeling our collective thoughts, Reza plainly asked, "Who the hell is your ex?"

After admitting she met the singer in 2013 and dated him for three years, Sara attempted to explain why she made the decision to start a relationship with a man who has been embroiled in child sex allegations dating back to 1996.

"Robert was very charming, so kind — definitely not what I would have expected," she said during her confessional.

When Reza asked her if she saw any signs of what was exposed in the 2019 documentary "Surviving R. Kelly," which detailed various allegations of sexual abuse to underage girls by the Grammy winner, Sari said, "No, we had an adult relationship."

"I didn’t see him with an underage person, it was never even a thing," she explained, adding she was blindsided when she found out there were "other women."

"One day I’m in Chicago with him and he tells me, ‘I’m having a party at my studio tonight, but if you can’t be cool, don’t come,’" she revealed.

Sari said she went to the studio and it was "like a full on club happening" when two other women came up to their group and Sari had an epiphany as she said she asked Kelly, "Are you f–king everyone at this table?"

She revealed to Reza, "Everyone’s looking at me, like ‘How the f–k could you you date him?’ and I’m thinking, like, it was just not how I perceived it."

"I don’t speak to him anymore," she continued. "And I’ve watched the documentary and I’m like, the person I loved is a monster, but I don’t know that guy."

Reza tried to comfort a tearful Sara by telling her not to blame herself, as she admitted she felt bad for everyone else involved.

"Although I didn’t have a perfect relationship, he was really very controlling," she explained in the confessional. "The reason my experience was different because of the boundaries I set in the relationship. In hindsight, every single small boundary, every single small decision that I had really altered the dynamic between him and I. And it really kind of saved my life."

The dramatic reveal ended with Reza saying he wouldn’t tell anyone in their group about their discussion.

Meanwhile, R Kelly currently remains jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, facing 22 federal criminal charges involving alleged abuse of 11 girls and women between 1994 and 2018, according to recent media reports.

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