Serena and Venus Williams Allegedly Used By Dad To Get Rich

Tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams were mere “pawns” in their father Richard William’s “chess game,” according to sister Sabrina Williams. The lesser-known Williams sister said that her siblings were coached to tennis superstardom so that their father could be “rich and famous.”

“To me, they were pawns for him. It’s like a chess game,” she told The Sun. “It’s whoever he could get to do what he needed to, to get himself money and get rich and be famous, you know, because he’s just like a king in his mind, and he’s so important.”

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Richard married Sabrina’s mother in the early sixties. The couple had four children together, but things ended when he allegedly left home to buy Sabrina a bike and never returned. He later married Serena and Venus’s mother Oracene. She says that she later approached her famous dad and he agreed to stay in touch, but the phone number he gave her didn’t work.

Sabrina says she has only ever met her famous sisters once, and it was by accident. She says she ran into her younger sisters on a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm when they were teenagers.

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She also criticized King Richard, a biographical drama that follows the life of her father as he coaches her sisters to superstardom. She admits that she hasn’t seen the movie, believes it doesn’t tell the whole truth. The film has received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

“I didn’t go see the movie. I was told that I wasn’t mentioned in the movie. There are some references in King Richard that reference the family. But the true story wasn’t told,” she said. “In the movie Gucci, did they tell a backstory, and then they told the whole story, right? Think about Muhammad Ali. Did they tell the backstory? And they told the front story. Even Martin Luther King.”

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Despite her sister’s incredible wealth, she says that she wouldn’t trade places with the famous twins, saying, “I wouldn’t swap places with Venus and Serena and if I had to do my life all over again from eight years old to 57, I would repeat it.”

Today, her sisters are widely regarded as two of the sports all-time greats. Serena has managed to create a $240 million business empire, while Venus has her own $75 million fortune.

Source: The Sun, Screen Rant

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