Selfie-Taker Accidently Pushes Another to Her Death

Horrific video shows the woman being knocked into the raging river by a stumbling man.

Another person has died trying to take a selfie — this time by a person doing the exact same thing.

The tragic accident occurred near Kanakunda in Odisha, India, on January 3 when the woman, identified as Nirupama Prajapati, was trying to take a photo of herself near fast-flowing rapids on the river Ib.

The horrific video, shot by her friends, shows Prajapati had stood precariously on the edge of the turbulent waters as she attempted to capture a perfect shot.

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But right behind her, a man clambered over the rocks trying to do the same — but lost his footing and slipped, knocking into her.

Prajapati’s screams could be heard even above the roaring water as she teetered in; she managed to hold on for a moment before slipping beneath the gushing foam.

According to India Today, the fire department and her family searched the water for 22 hours until they eventually found her body in a stone crevice, almost 500 yards from where she fell in.

Selfie deaths are becoming an all-to-common phenomenon: just last month a mother-of-two was killed at a famous Australian beauty spot having ignored warning signs and climbing over a safety barrier, before slipping and falling over the 260ft cliff.

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