Selena Gomez Goes Back to Her Wizard Ways by Turning Dates Into Frogs in "Boyfriend" Video

Selena Gomez’s new music video is a prime example of celebrities being just like us. In the song “Boyfriend,” one of the three new tracks the singer included in the deluxe edition of her album Rare, Gomez sings all about the frustrations that come with dating, finding the right partner, and dealing with the frogs we get in-between. “There’s a difference between a want and a need/sometimes I just want more than me,” she sings in the electric-pop pre-chorus. “I know there’s a fine line between/It’s not what I need but . . . I want a boyfriend.” Honestly, she’s preaching to the choir here.

Taking her lyrics to the next level, Gomez stages a series of dates in her music video that prove, even when you’re a gorgeous, multi-millionaire, chart-topping artist, dating is the worst. But instead of dealing with her no-good duds, the enchantress takes another route and turns them all into frogs. Not exactly the usual way to deal with a bad date, but we have to admire her proactive spirit! Maybe the next one will make it to date number two without turning green. Watch the video above!

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