Selena Gomez Doesn’t Want People to See Her as ‘Just Sad and Hurt,' Says Her Heartbreak Is ‘Over’

Selena Gomez wants her fans to know that she's moved on past the hardships she highlighted in her most recent — and highly emotional — album Rare.

The singer, 28, told Rolling Stone in a new interview that the feelings displayed in her critically acclaimed album, which she released in January, isn't representative of how she feels today.

"I wanted people to take away that this was a journey and that it was completely closed," she told the magazine. "I don’t want people to see me as just sad and hurt. I didn’t want that anymore."

"I wanted people to know that I experienced something real," she added, "and that part of me is over."

Gomez released Rare nearly five years after her second album Revival. In between, the former Disney Channel star cut her tour short due to complications from the autoimmune disease lupus, which included panic attacks, anxiety and depression. The following year, she underwent a kidney transplant due to her battle with lupus.

When the time came for Gomez to create her next album, the singer said she didn't go about it the conventional way — but rather "started to just play around."

"I didn’t say, 'I want to do an album' — it was more just me going in, experimenting and writing with the people I feel comfortable writing with," she told Rolling Stone. "This was probably three years ago. I didn’t feel inspired by much, so I would just kind of drift in and out."

"I went away for a little bit," Gomez added. "When I came back . . . I don’t know if something came over me. I heard a song called 'Rare,' and that was the moment I knew that my album was starting and that this was going to be the name of the album before I even recorded it."

The "Lose You To Love Me" songstress said she quickly became determined to create songs "lyrically about transformation and vulnerability and heartbreak."

"It felt like [the material] was really, really strong, and I was very happy about it," she said. "I think that becoming more involved than I ever have been [in the making of the album] helped me gain confidence and empowered me completely."

Along with Rare, which is poised to be a contender at the Grammy Awards next year, Gomez's latest accomplishments including her new cooking show for HBO Max, as well as several acting projects. She also recently launched a beauty brand, which shares the same name as her latest album.

After the beauty brand released, the singer opened up to PEOPLE about her mental health. She said that she feels "stronger" after seeking help.

"[Being open] isn't an easy thing to ask of someone. I've had to go away a few times for stuff I didn't know [I was struggling with] and was confused by," she said. "And then this stigma came: What would people think? But when I thought about it, my first answer was, 'I don't care, this is my truth.' I'm not a stigma. I'm a person that walks their life."

"As far as my career, I'm professional and I work very hard. At the same time, I do deal with mental health [issues] and I wanted that to also be known," she added. "In the beginning, it seemed hopeless. Sometimes it was a challenge for me to even get out of bed. I was like, 'Why can't I be like you guys?' Over the years I've finally found my rhythm, but it took me time."

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