Scottish Swimming sorry after ‘Zoom-bomb’ in public workout

Scottish Swimming has apologised after a public workout event was “Zoom-bombed”, subjecting around 300 participants to “disturbing content”.

The workout was set up to give the public the chance to remotely exercise via the video app alongside athletes.

Commonwealth champion Duncan Scott was one of those who took part in the workout, and expressed his “disgust” on social media.

Scottish Swimming has reported the incident to police.

A statement added: “The video was immediately shut down and the incident referred to the police and their cyber-crime unit. We apologise to everyone involved and deeply regret the outcome of today’s event.

“At a time when the aquatics community was pulling together and supporting one another so positively, it is very upsetting to have a minority cause upset and distress during the lockdown.”

The governing body shared information last week about the workout, encouraging people to get involved, and now say they are reviewing their security measures to prevent a similar incident happening again.

Scott also apologised to those on the call, saying on Twitter: “Our open invite WOD cancelled due to a sick individual. I am sorry for what everyone and more importantly what the kids that were a part of the WOD had to see!!”

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