SAINTWOODS SW.013 Collection Is About Quality Staples

SAINTWOODS is back with its new SW.013 collection. The ready-to-wear collection presents a range of premium staples that are finished with the brand’s signature tongue-in-cheek joie de vivre.

For the SW.013 collection, SAINTWOODS continues its commitment to offering graphic apparel. This collection’s graphics include new designs that are reminiscent of past collections. Specifically, there’s a new illustration that channels the brand’s previous Sampson and Susamee series. Another new illustration is a hand-drawn Winnie-the-Pooh.

The SW.013 collection also features a number of new styles. Most notably is the brand’s first formal dress shirt, which features a miniature chain link design with the brand’s name placed throughout the shirt. Another new item is a deep navy blue plush velour polo. The next brand new item is an olive green and cream shadow plaid flannel that features S and W embroideries on the front.

Aside from the new pieces, the collection re-introduces its popular styles in a number of new colorways such as the classic SW sweatsuit in blue, velour top and bottom in a deep-sea blue and the embroidered logo hoodie comes in a new slate colorway. Accessories in the collection include a fitted hat that’s in collaboration with New Era, a deconstructed corduroy 5-panel hat and a new silver trucker hat.

To celebrate the newest collection, SAINTWOODS is hosting a pop-up on St Laurent Boulevard in Montreal on August 11. The SW.013 collection will be available on August 11 on the brand’s website.

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