Sainsbury's launches the cheapest children uniforms

Best value school uniform revealed: Sainsbury’s comes out on top of a like-for-like comparison at £15 – while John Lewis is three times more expensive

  • Research by price tracker Alertr revealed the best and worst value uniforms
  • Supermarket Sainsbury’s came out on top with a whole outfit costing just £15
  • It was £30 cheaper than the priciest selection from British store John Lewis 

Sainsbury’s has come out on top as the best British store to buy new school uniform, according to a new study.

Parents are able to purchase a new whole set of schooling attire for just £15 – £30 cheaper than John Lewis, which proved to be the most expensive in a comparison of seven British retailers.

Researchers at UK-based online price tracking firm Alertr compared prices of six uniform essentials – a shirt, polo shirt, jumper, cardigan, trousers and a skirt – across seven retailers, M&S, John Lewis, Asda, Next, Sainsbury’s, Matalan and Debenhams to determine which ones were offering the better deal. 

Some retailers had multi-pack options and the total number of items included within them was occasionally different (e.g. two pack in one retailer, but three pack in another).

In those instances, researchers divided the total price of the multipack by the number of items within it to reveal the price customers would pay per item, to ensure the results were not unfairly skewed.

The results therefore hypothetically reflect buying one of each item to determine value for money.

Results are also broken down into three age groups to help give the most accurate representation.

Which retailer is best value for money?


1. Sainsbury’s 

2. Asda 

3. Matalan 

4. Debenhams 

5. Next

6. M&S

7. John Lewis  

4-5 years 








7-8 years








 10-11 years









Sainbury’s TU range was crowned the most affordable school uniform for all age groups

Sainbury’s TU range was crowned the most affordable school uniform for all age groups, with a multipack of short sleeve shirts for 4-5 years coming in at just £3 and a sweet scalloped cardigan for only £6. 

Shoppers are able to get two red scalloped cardigans for £6.00 (£3.00 per item) and three white short sleeve shirts for £4.00 (£1.33 per item)

Perfect for PE and sports days, Sainsbury’s offer three white unisex polo shirts for £3.50 (£1.16 per item) and two black V-neck jumpers for £6.00 (£3.00 per item) which can be thrown over any grass stains

And the supermarket even has fantastic deals for bottoms, with two pairs of grey trousers with reinforced knees for £7.00 (£3.50 per item) and two grey jersey skater skirts for £6.00 (£3.00 per item)

… and for the other age groups  

For the same items, Sainsbury’s customers can expect to only pay a fraction more for the bigger sizes 

AGE 7-9: £20.50

AGE 10-11: £20.50


Though pipped to first place by its competitor, Asda’s George range has reasonably priced school uniforms for primary school-age children, including V-neck jumpers and trousers for as little as £3.00. 

Parents are less likely to run out of shirts before the end of the week with these impressive deals, including two girls white shirt sleeve shirt for £3.00 (£1.50 per item) and two white polo shirts for £2.50 (£1.25 per item)

While it is still mostly warm for now, as the winter months draw in these jumpers and cardigans are a must have. Pictured: Two black cotton-rich knitted V-neck jumpers (left) for £6 (£3.00 per item) and a girls cable knit V-neck cardigan for £6.00

With adjustable waistbands to accomodate all shapes and sizes, these trousers (£3.00 each) and this skirt (£5.00) are a must-have 

… and for the other age groups  

For less than a tenner more, Asda customers can get their hands on the equivalent items in the older sizes 

AGE 7-9: £24.50

AGE 10-11: £29.25


The next best store for value for money was clothing and homeware outlet Matalan, with practical offerings which help children feel comfortable at school while still looking polished. 

Here Matalan is seen keeping costs down with a two pack of minimum iron shirts for just £4 (£2 per item) and a two pack of basic polos for £3 (that’s £1.50 each)

Matalan’s adorable Scallop Edge cardigan comes in at £4, with their v-neck knit jumpers also just £4 for one

For those who favour a skirt Matalan’s smart pleated skirt is £4, a two pack of slim fit trousers is £10 (£5 per item)

… and for the other age groups  

Parents of older children can expect to pay at least £10 more for the same items in Matalan.  

AGE 7-9: £25.50

AGE 10-11: £30.00


Debenhams own brand of primary school clothing landed in the middle for value money, with their two pack of white short sleeve shirts costing at least £2.00 more than Sainsbury’s three for £4.00 offering.  

Debenhams is offering two easy iron shirts for £4.20 (£2.10 each) and a set of two polo shirts for £4.90 (that’s £2.45 per item)

Debenhams’ simple knit cardigan is £4.90, while a two pack of v-neck jumpers comes in at £8.40 (that’s £4.20 per item)

A two pack of belted skirts is £14 (£7 each) at Debenhams, while a two pack of slim fit trousers comes in at £7.70 (£3.85 per item)

… and for the other age groups  

As the sizes increase, Debenhams prices only rise by £5.00, with years 10-11 only costing 10p more than Matalan. 

AGE 7-9: £30.10

AGE 10-11 : £30.10

NEXT – TOTAL COST: £34.50  

The school uniform from Next, pictured, comes in the middle of the pack

This year’s school uniform range from fashion retailer Next boasts of easy iron shirts and stain resistant polo shirts, perfect for busy parents but for a bigger price tag. 

A two pack of short sleeve shirts at Next will cost parents £8, pictured right, while a two pack of polo shirts are priced at £6

 The Knitted V-Neck Jumper at Next is priced at £8, pictured right, and the V-Neck Cardigan will cost parents £7

Formal Slim Leg Trousers are priced at £8, pictured right, while a pleat skirt is just £4.50 at the British store, pictured left

… and for the other age groups  

Edging closer to the £50 mark, while well-reviewed, the Next range does not work out as the best value for money. 

AGE 7-9: £40.50

AGE 10-11: £48.50


Similar to Next, Marks & Spencer promises to make its customers lives easier with easy ironing as well as being sustainably sourced. 

Marks & Spencer is offering three easy iron shirts for £9.00 and a set of three cotton polo shirts for £7.00

The brand’s Unisex Cotton Rich School Jumper costs £8 (pictured right), while its Girls’ Pure Cotton School Cardigan is £5

The firm’s Boys’ Skinny Leg School Trousers are £9 (pictured right) and its Girls’ Permanent Pleats School Skirt is also the same price

… and for the other age groups  

School uniforms from Marks & Spencer, which boasts of StayNEW technology which reduce bobbling and colour loss, reach as much as £50 for the older children 

AGE 7-9: £42.33

AGE 10-11: £50.00


At priciest end of the scale, high end retailer John Lewis comes in as the most expensive

At priciest end of the scale, high end retailer John Lewis comes in with the least value for money school uniform, costing close to £50 for staple items. 

John Lewis & Partners Cotton Short Sleeve School Blouse, which comes in a pack of two, is priced at £13, and its pack of two polo shirt is £11

The brand’s Unisex School V-Neck Jumper is £12, pictured right, while its Cotton Double Pocket Easy Care Cardigan is £13

Boys’ Adjustable Waist Generous Fit School Trousers are £13 at the store, while the shop’s Girls’ Stain Resistant Pleated School Skirt is £9 (pictured right)

… and for the other age groups  

New school uniforms for older primary school children reach an eyewatering £64 for just the basics. 

AGE 7-9: £55.00

AGE 10-11: £64.00

Andy Barr, personal finance expert and co-founder of online price tracking website, commented on the findings: ‘As we approach the end of the summer holidays, after a strange time for kids due to lockdown, the rush to get everything sorted for ‘back to school’ is on. 

‘Many people have a perception of Sainsbury’s that it’s more on the expensive side, but that’s certainly not what we witness at Alertr; this isn’t the first time the supermarket chain has beaten seemingly ‘cheaper’ stores like Asda in terms of price for various things.

‘Buying all the items needed for a child’s return to school for a new academic year can be expensive business, which will now be felt more than ever as parents suffer the financial impact of lockdown that has hit many people.’ 

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