Safety First! Watch Brie & Nikki Bella Learn CPR in This Total Bellas Bonus Clip

Better safe than sorry!

With the construction on Nikki Bella‘s house—which will have a pool—almost finished, her twin sister (and next-door neighbor!) Brie Bella wants to make sure they’re both well-equipped to handle any potential emergencies involving her daughter, Birdie Danielson.

In this Total Bellas bonus clip, the twins, along with Birdie, their brother JJ Garcia and his wife Lauren, head to a local pool to learn CPR. 

“I’m setting up a CPR class because I feel like if we all know CPR, then we’re eliminating the risk of anything happening at Nicole’s pool,” Brie explains in a confessional. “And I feel like we should know it because we never know when we’ll be in that situation.”

With the help of an instructor and a doll named “Timmy,” the four of them take turns practicing rescue breaths and other exercises. 

Best of all, Birdie refers to the pool as “the no-no water!”

“None of us as parents ever want to imagine that we’ll be in a situation with our child, but I feel like everyone loves the fact that they know CPR, that they can help save a life and I feel like this has been a really good thing for all of us,” Brie adds.

See the rest of the bonus clip above! You can also catch up with Total Bellas by watching full episodes here. 

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