Ryan Seacrest compares relationship with Shayna Taylor to a rollercoaster

Ryan Seacrest‘s relationship with on-again girlfriend Shayna Taylor has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years, with the TV host even comparing it to a rollercoaster. But these days, he says things are going well for the couple.

On Friday, Seacrest, 45, commemorated his third anniversary of hosting “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” and also told viewers that he was celebrating the same milestone with Taylor, 28.

“I just want to say, happy third anniversary to Shayna,” he said. “It is our third time together. So we’ve gotten together, broken up, gotten together, broken up. This is number three of being together. So we’re celebrating as well.”

Ripa, 49, interjected, “But it’s not your relationship anniversary, May 1!”

“No, it’s an eight-year run, but it’s our third run together,” Seacrest explained. “So we celebrate each trial.”

Ripa joked, “You know, third time’s a charm!”

Seacrest added, “Listen, nothing’s perfect. You just keep trying until you get it right.”

“You know, when we drive by an amusement park, I always look at the rollercoaster and go, ‘Look, there we are,’” he later joked. “It’s all definitely upside-down loops. It’s no Thunder Mountain, it’s definitely the Mind Bender.”

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