Royal Fans Think Kate Middleton Is out of Touch With Reality After Seeing Her in a Quarantine Video

With the Sussexes leaving the British royal family and the U.K., Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have become the focus of the royal family. Though the Cambridges have always been popular, the entry of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex into the royal family took a great deal of attention off of them.

Now, with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Cambridges have really become the faces of the royal family. People have looked to then for calm and comfort during such a trying time in the world.

Unfortunately, all of these newfound attention means that Kate, in particular, is under the microscope in a way that the duchess hasn’t been since she and Prince William’s dating years. Now, royal fans are criticizing the duchess for being out of touch with reality.

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Kate Middleton is dealing with a ton of scrutiny

According to Daily Mail, Kate is keen to stop the comparisons between herself and her sister-in-law, Meghan. Unfortunately, it appears that the duchess is now dealing with some of the same scrutinies that the former actress enured during her time as a senior royal.

As of late, Kate has been praised for her work ethic and her poise. However, she’s also been dealing with some unfounded scrutiny. Recently, Tatler Magazine published a scathing article about Kate titled, “Catherine the Great.”

The article claimed that Kate was resentful of the Sussexes for leaving. it commented on her parenting, her weight, and even her mother, Carole Middleton.  “[Journalist Anna Pasternak] manages to slag off [harshly criticize] her mother, makes William look weak and makes Kate look so dull,” royal expert Ingrid Seward told Newsweek.

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Prince Charles warned Kate Middleton about the royal spotlight

Though Kate has dealt with a few unsavory things from the press in the past, this is the worst that it’s ever been for her. In fact, she was so deeply offended by the Tatler expose that she and Prince Wiliam have decided to take legal action against the magazine.

This was a side of royal life that the Duchess of Cambridge’s father-in-law, Prince Charles warned her about from the beginning. “The problem for Kate is, as her father in law said, she’s been put on a pedestal and it’s impossible to stay on a pedestal,” Seward told Newsweek.  “There’s only one way and that’s down. She’s a goddess at the moment and everyone is saying how great she is and how hard she works but she can’t really keep up with that. She’s not a goddess, she’s a mom of three children and is probably absolutely exhausted.”

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Royal fans think Kate Middleton is out of touch with reality

Now, royal fans have shifted their focus from Megan and have found new ways to pick apart Kate. During one of her latest videos, the duchess spoke with Cloud’s House rehab center in an effort to urge those who are battling an addiction to seek help. “The worrying thing is, it is all those people who aren’t necessarily reaching out who are struggling, who perhaps don’t feel they can reach out,” the duchess said.

Though Kate clearly meant well, royal fans are claiming she’s out of touch with reality and that this is simply a royal family PR stunt.  One fan said, “There is no one to reach out to. Services are decimated and so underfunded they can’t function remotely so are just closed. Abolish the monarchy and fund society.” Another added, “I would urge the Royal Family to stop playing PR and realize how difficult this will be for everyone. They should not assume they are addicted.”

Finally, a third person said, “Royals are so out of touch with reality.” 

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